send me the places you want to travel to, festivals you want to attend, basically all the exciting little adventures you want to have

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In honor of 5,000 followers, I wanted to give you guys some recognition for being totally fab!!

has to get at least 50 notes or we’ll pretend this didn’t happen

How to enter:

Reblog (likes don’t count) this post to nominate yourself

Nominate someone else my messaging me (if you comment it, it won’t count ‘cause i probs wont see it)

Must be following 


Snow White Award: Nicest Blogger

Cinderella Award: Best Edits

Aurora Award: Prettiest Theme

Ariel Award: Best all-around blog

Belle Award: Best RP/fanfiction writer

Jasmine Award: Best Posts

Pocahontas Award: Best icon

Mulan Award: Best up-and-coming (under 500 followers) (this one must be nominated)

Tiana Award: most unique

Rapunzel Award: best url

Merida Award: most underrated

Anna Award: best sidebar

What you win!!!


link on my blog for a month+ (sometimes I forget to take down oops)

my eternal friendship whether you want it or not

follow from me

Ends when I hit 5000 followers! (‘bout 100 away now!) Happy reblogging, and good luck! :)

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Hi! So I don't know if you take requests, but if you do, would you pretty please make an edit of Maleficent? Thanks so much and love your blog!! Xx

Thank you! And yes, I do take requests! Yours is done and in the queue,you’ll see it in a few days :) xx

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I have a headcanon that Philip always tried to wake Aurora with a romantic kiss. Which was cute, y’know, the first 400 times.

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Regarding your Sleeping Beauty post: Wasn't the curse supposed to come true simply at some point before her 16th birthday? Not exactly the night before? I thought that's why they needed to keep her safe all the time.

Okay so the exact quote is “Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and die!” I mean, I always interpreted it to mean it would happen before sunset on her 16th birthday, but I can totally see what you’re saying! either way, I just kinda like making fun of King Stephen ;D

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Headcanon: poor Queen Leah tried to gently nudge King Stephen into making better decisions but, as the movie illustrated, her efforts were predominately fruitless.

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If you have a crush on me, anonymously tell me why.


(platonic crushes/ blog crushes etc. totally count)

Please do

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Say what you will about Frozen’s plot holes but I think the most pressing and glaring question is how Olaf managed to unlock the library door with a carrot like someone better tell the royal locksmith he did a shitty job 

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If you happen to have headcannons for other characters that are anything like the one you have for Cinderella, I'm sure they would be very well received by EVERYONE.

haha I’m glad y’all like them. I’ll think if I have any other good ones…;)

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can someone make the ariel + seahorses transparent??? pls sos

ok thank you for the notes but I still really need it transparent please please

I tried but idk

can I see? :D :D

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can someone make the ariel + seahorses transparent??? pls sos

ok thank you for the notes but I still really need it transparent please please

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can someone make the ariel + seahorses transparent??? pls sos

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What is your favorite ride in either Disneyland do Disney world?

I’ve only ever been to Disney World, and my favorite ride there is Splash Mountain! I ride it like 45 time lmao. How about you??

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