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Do you happen to know why even though Aurora is in Blue 98% of her film, her face character is almost always in pink?

While I don’t know the “official” reason, I always assumed it was because they had so many other princesses in blue - Cinderella, Jasmine, sometimes Belle, (now Elsa) and they wanted to have more color/differentiate her in the lineup!

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I have this headcanon that Cinderella constantly made a lot of snide-ass comments to herself in order to keep up that impossibly cheerful and refined presence 

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johnnycade7 said:
Can I be Dodger in your Disney Family?

of course, just added you!

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jlestrangeblack said:
what do you use to make your posts? One editor or a variety of them?

Just a couple, ribbit and pixlr ‘cause i’m too poor/cheap for photoshop haha

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Anonymous said:
Hi there! This is a lovely blog and I hope you have a great day!

Thank you so much, hope you have a great day as well! :)

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It’s me. Personally, I’ve had ENOUGH of Disney not only stealing my character traits of being a human with personality, but now they are using my ICE POWERS as inspiration for their movie? THAT’S JUST TOO FAR. I’m marching to Disney World right now to PUNCH THINGS until I GET MY WAY

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sweetmisskate said:
So my iPhone app is glitching and showing your Disney edit over other posts but it's okay because I get to see your darling face! Hope you're having/had a good day :)

It’s not a glitch I took over tumblr in my thirst for more compliments thank you for your kind words friend :*

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(very shittily) tried to make the me-princess even more me-esque so hey

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This is so cool your edit skills are A+. idc what character I’m edited onto, whoever looks like me the most. Thank you!!

Thank you I’m flattered ^^ you have such beautiful hair! It reminded me most of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty so I chose her!

Base - Aurora
Eyes - Belle
Nose - Belle (with a touch of editing)
Mouth - Belle

~Admin Maple~

wow oh wow thank you so much!! everyone should follow/submit

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princessariel01 said:
Omg so quick question my name is Ariel and I love the little mermaid well I am in a band and we are all going on a trip to Disney world I am so excited and I can't wait to see Ariel what kind of questions should I ask her?? #little nervous

That’s so cool!! Hope you have fun :** 

Um, how about

  • How can I become a mermaid?
  • Bring her a fork
  • Who dyed your hair?
  • Tell her you work as a lifeguard
  • Tell her you’re in a band, but think you might be losing your voice
  • Why doesn’t your tail match your shells?
  • Point to any human objects “What’s that?”
  • Turn to Eric “Yo I know this blogger ADKR who’s dtf” tell me what he says
  • Or just grab your throat and hand her a note saying ‘I traded my voice for this Disney World trip”
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I’m Ariel!

Put an ‘x’ in the boxes that describe you, then scroll down to see which princess you’re most like! Reblog and let your friends try too! [i made this because there are too many quizzes asking things like ‘what’s your favorite color? Yellow? Great, you’re Belle. As if that had anything to do with personality. Hopefully this does a better job :)]


[] You prefer to be by yourself
[x] You’re very protective of those you love
[x] You love to read.
[x] You long for a big change
[] You sometimes think your family is kind of odd

[x] You have done volunteer work
[] You love to take care of people in need.

[] You think you’re pretty, but have no interest in flaunting it
[] You’re willing to give people second chances
Total: 4


[] You’re not around people as much as you’d like to be
[x] You’re very involved and busy
[x] You’re inherently trusting
[x] You’re creative and artistic
[] You can be childlike
[x] Routines bore you
[] You are very sympathetic to others
[] You usually abide by the rules, but break them when you need to
[] You want a lot out of life, and that sometimes is conflicting
Total: 4


[] You feel as if you’re sheltered
[x] You are very clever and can think on your feet
[x] You’re very confident and show it
[x] You’re not afraid to demand more out of life
[x] You don’t mind going against societal norm
[] You’re not close with a lot of people
[x] You’re independent and self-sufficient
[x] Your trust must be earned
[] You feel that your parent(s) can be too demanding/controlling

Total: 6


[x] You’ve lost a/both parent(s) and it’s had a profound impact on you
[x] You don’t like following rules, and break them often
[x] When you love something, you obsess over it
[x] You love learning new things
[x] Danger can excite you
[x] You love and embrace change
[x] You can be selfish
[x] You’re very excitable
[x] You’re instinctually brave, and don’t need to summon courage.
Total: 9


[] You’re graceful and poised
[] You’re very patient
[] You are gentle and kind to others
[x] You take difficulties is stride
[x] You handle stress well
[] You spend most of your time outside.
[] You long for a peaceful life
[] You’re very romantic.

[] To love and be loved is your goal

Total: 2


[x] You’re hardworking
[x] You have a lot of responsibilities
You’re persistent
[x] You’re hopeful and optimistic
[x] You’re not afraid to go after what you want
[] You’re willing to ask for help when you need it
[] You have an inner monologue of sarcasm you keep to yourself
[] You’re afraid to speak your mind sometimes.
[] You’re forgiving and always the bigger person
Total: 5


[] You’re trusting and sometimes naive
[x] You make friends easily
[] You try to be kind to everyone, even if they aren’t nice to you
[x] You’re optimistic and cheerful
[] You’re patient and know happiness will come
[] You’re beloved by many
[x] You sometimes need to be protected for your own good
[x] You believe people are inherently good
[x] You’re very poised and in control of yourself
Total: 5


[x] You love to explore new places and places closer to home
[] You are spiritual and understand the earth
[] You’re duties are more important than your desires
[] You prefer to be by yourself, and have a few close friends
[x] Your confident in yourself and your ideas
[x] You’re not afraid to go against the grain
[x] You’re fearless
[x] You always want to help, but aren’t always sure how to do so
[x] You often see things differently than other people
Total: 6


[] Sometimes people wish you were more normal
[x] You’re selfless and brave
[] You’ve pretended to be someone you’re not.
[x] You’re getting more confident as you keep growing up
[x] You aren’t a quitter
[x] You’re willing to suffer if it means others are better off
[x] You’re very protective of people close to you
[] You’re stronger than a lot of people think
Total: 5


[x] You’re always willing to work for what you want
[x] The odds always seem to be against you
[x] You’ve lost someone close to you, and it profoundly impacted you
[] You don’t mind getting help
[x] You’re always optimistic and cheerful
[x] To you, nothing is more irritating than entitlement
[] You don’t believe in just wishing and hoping for things
[x] You have a passion
[x] You don’t mind helping others
Total: 7


[] You’re not very confident in yourself
[x] You sometimes feel burdened by the hand you were dealt
[] You love people, and don’t want to hurt them
[] You spend a lot of time by yourself
[x] You know you’re talented
[] You wish you could be closer to other people
[] You sometimes wish you could just be normal
[x] You’re able to persevere through hard times
[] You sometimes miss how much easier childhood was
Total: 3


[x] You’re hopeful and optimistic
[] You wish you had more friends
[x] You are outspoken and willing to stand up for others
[] You are a bit naive
[x] You’ve been tricked before, but you’ve learned from it
[] It was much easier being a child, and you sometimes miss it
[x] You often feel caged up and want to see the world
[] You’ve very loving and warm
[x] You trust people easily
Total: 5


[x] You don’t always get along with your family
[] You prefer the outdoors
[x] You’re outspoken
[] but not always good at communicating
[] You’re more ‘street smart’ than ‘book smart’
[x] You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself
[x] You’re not afraid to stand up for others
[x] You’re confident in your abilities
[x] You learn from your past mistakes

Total: 6


  1. You’re Belle!
  2. You’re Rapunzel!
  3. You’re Jasmine!
  4. You’re Ariel!
  5. You’re Aurora!
  6. You’re Cinderella!
  7. You’re Snow White!
  8. You’re Pocahontas!
  9. You’re Mulan!
  10. You’re Tiana!
  11. You’re Elsa!
  12. You’re Anna!
  13. You’re Merida!
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Anonymous said:
Why do you love Ariel so much? Not trying to be rude, just wondering.

Not rude at all! Kind of a long answer tho, heads up ;) While she’s a great character in and of herself, my love for her comes from the fact that we have an almost unsettling amount in common with, from life events to virtues and vices.

  • We both have similar family structures/behavior. I lost my mom too, and have a dad that acts a lot like Triton; honestly loving and caring, but often bad at communication and very overprotective. I’m very different from my siblings, but we’re still very close and get along well.

  • Virtues: We’re both very adventurous, ocean-loving (if anyone ever wants to talk about fish/sharks and shipwrecks, I’m here. Always dttacos [down to talk about cool ocean stuff]), passionate (when I love something, I love it. I don’t shut up about it. Its annoying probably. idc), open-minded, resilient, clever, optimistic, confident, and can think on our feet.

  • Vices: We’re very selfish, stubborn, and can be harsh, especially when we’re defending someone/something we care about. We both have an inflated sense of our own significance and uniqueness, as well as an over-eager perception of the world (read: no chill. constantly excited). We act before thinking and do/say stupid things, but don’t regret them as much as we should.

And idk it’s kind of stupid i guess to see so much of yourself in a fictional character, but she was imagined and designed and created by real people, so it’s just kind of a nice little reassurance that if she can be a beloved and totally admirable role model princess, then I can’t be too bad either. 

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Once upon a dream

hey, I’d cry too

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does anyone know how to put links in a sidebar? I just tried copy and pasting but it didn’t work?

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