A Different Kind of Royalty
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ya thanks xx

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Anonymous asked:
You are awesome! I am so happy that i follow you!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you follow me too! :*

Disney Princesses + happy while cleaning

oh, whistle while you work...

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Does anyone play the Disney Hidden Worlds app?? I think you can have friends on there and I’m a wee bit addicted oops

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"Snow White and Sleeping Rose Girl are the WORST!! greAT now all the girls who watch the movies are gonna think the kindness a nd compassion are a kind of strength or something why didn’t they just save cHina like the other GOOD princesses!!!"

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I don’t know when, I don’t know how…

But I know something’s starting right now…

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The Little Mermaid

"Get out, have a life!"

"Whoa there, Grim, easy! Sure, if she’s interested…so whaddya say? Wanna go on a tour of my kingdom tomorrow?

[vigorous head shaking]

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Princesses + Kanye West 

some of my favorite ladies ft. my favorite hip hop artist

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Anonymous asked:
What country are you from? What's your favorite Disney movie? What's your favorite non Disney moive? Favorite book? Favorite color? How would you describe your style? Greatest accomplishment? How much makeup do you wear? Favorite animal? Other stuff too if you want haha

ok wow yeah I can do that! Camera quality would be real lousy tho just sayin

and if anyone else wants to know something just comment on this or put it in my ask box and I’ll answer it xx :)

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Anonymous asked:
would u ever do a q&a video?

wow o wow, would you want me to? I totally would, but like what do you want to know??

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Seeing posts I made show up oh my dash is one of the most satisfying feelings

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I don’t know when, I don’t know how…

But I know something’s starting right now…

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Sry Queenie :/

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