hey everyone! in honor of reaching 5k followers, here’s part 3 of my gift, a blog awards,  for all you lovely folks! this is my first and probably only one i’ll be doing ever, so reblog away! but first things first, there are a few things you might want to know:

r u l e s -

must be following mrs bucky barnes
must reblog this post(likes don’t count, and you’ll only be counted once)
must be a disney or pixar blog(at least 90%)

t h e  c a t e g o r i e s -

best url - the belle award
best theme - the ariel award
best edits - the quasimodo award
most unique - the alice award
best gifs - the mulan award
best icon - the jessica rabbit award
most underrated - the kida award
best overall - the walt award

t h e  p r i z e s -

winning/a promo
a follow from me if i’m not already following you
a spot on my blog awards winners page that will be up for not one, but TWO months
my unconditional adoration and admiration
something for you(icon, gifs/edits for your theme, a post dedicated to you, etc)

e n d  d a t e -

july 24, 2013, 12:30 pm cst(time is subject to change, but the day will be the same)

also, i’ll be choosing the winner, so that way i’ll make sure that there won’t be an unfair popularity advantage :) may the best bloggers win!

love, dee

i just found out i will not have computer access on the 24, so i have changed the end date to the 25th. that way people can also have more time to reblog. so disregard the original date up there.

last day!

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Any edit requests or preferences?

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…and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there

I have a headcanon that if Belle wasn’t able to break the spell in time, she too would be transformed into an object, as in accordance with the spell. This makes her name even more fitting, for she is both the “belle of the town”, and a potential bell. The gold, bell-shaped dress also helps. :)

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What are your favorite quotes from Disney Princess movies?

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Something we forget all too often

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Oh, where do we begin?

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I mean the kingdom practically runs itself but we can’t just accept this bookworm nonsense

They are villagers. In those days, village folk had no clue what the royalty were doing, more did they care. It was this ignorance that made someone who reads, especially a woman who reads, so strange. The local nobleman hiding in his castle for several years is something they would have never noticed, while with such a small town, an intelligent lady like Belle would most certainly be noticed. That was just the reality of village life.

hmmmmm that’s what the illuminati wants you to think. congrats u fell into their trap. rip

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image I drew a picture of Ariel and that’s your icon so here :)


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Draw a picture of me and submit it to me please

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I love those mood board things like I wish someone would make one about me but

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If I can mince…you can dance.

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Animators + Mr. Walty, Disney Animation Studios, 1959

Animator 1: Oh Great Mouse Overlord! The movie is done!

Walt Disney: So tell me about it, boys.

Animator 2: Well Aurora is a sweet and patient princess, cursed as a baby. To protect her, her bumbling parents send her away to be raised by fairies, and she takes everything in stride and is totally great despite their mutual incompetence. Then she meets this boy, some other stuff, falls under the spell that no one told her about. It’s been comin’ for 16 years Then she turns into a HUGE BIRD,  defeats Diablo, punches six bears, starts a business, BULKS UP,  wins a monster truck rally, saves China, wins a square dancing competition, dyes herself pink, and then she gets woken up with **tru love’s first kiss**

Walt Disney: But gentlemen! How long is this movie?

Animator 3: Like 14 hours??

Walt Disney: And, good sirs, how is she supposed to all of that stuff if she is under a spell of eternal slumber, one completely out of her control?

Animator 1: Fuck

Animator 2: Fuck. We fucKEd up, fuck. oh no. How did we not see this coming, fuck

Walt Disney: We’re gonna have to make some cuts

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And the award for chillest princess goes to….

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Everything’s better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea!

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